Excited about New Toric Inplant Lens to remedy RK Mishaps 
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 Excited about New Toric Inplant Lens to remedy RK Mishaps

I'm e{*filter*}d reading about the new implant lens that conquers astigmatism.  I've
had several operations on my eyes, the last of which (ALK-Dr. Imhoff) caused my
right cornea to fragment, leaving me with debilitating  vision problems in that
 eye.  Light refraction is so terrible I don't drive after dark anymore.

Iif this new lens implant could provide even 50% improvement to my vision, it
would be worthwhile for me and other RK mistake candidates to pursue.  The
curvature of the lens of the glasses I currently wear to attempt to correct the
problem are so thick, due to the astimatism left, that the lens cannot be
contained by the frames.  If I could get that improvement in an implanted lens,
it just might be the ticket!

Anyone else with refractive surgery errors who has heard about this application
as an at least partial solution?  Or any eye doctors care to comment on the
possiblities of success with such a surgery?

Fri, 11 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT
 Excited about New Toric Inplant Lens to remedy RK Mishaps
I work with the manufacturer of this new lens STAAR Surgical of Monrovia, CA.
In order for you to benefit from this lens currently, you would need a surgeon
to perform a "clear lens extraction" on you.  This means taking out your
current perfectly good natural crystalline lens.  This would be necessary in
order to implant the TORIC Lens, which is an Intra Ocular Lens (IOL).  IOLs are
typically used after cataract surgery when the cloudy crystalline lens has been
removed.  Since your lens has not developed a cataract, you would be choosing
to have a clear lens extraction in order to get this implant.  If you are
myopic (nearsighted), there is an eight-fold increase in the chance you'd have
a retinal detachment (prognosis: BAD) if you underwent Clear lens extraction.
   I would wait until the TORIC ICL is available.  An ICL is an Implantable
Contact Lens.  It is placed in the eye in front of the normal clear crystalline
lens much like a contact lens sits on the cornea.  US FDA Clinical Trials are
underway and look promising.  A TORIC version of the ICL will begin implants
offshore in 1999.
      I myself have two ICLs and am 20/15 in each eye.  Please reply back  if
you'd like  further information on my personal experience with these implants,

Sat, 12 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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