Flap Size and Ablation Size 
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 Flap Size and Ablation Size

I have been overcorrected from -9.5 to +4.25, then "touched up" to
-0.5 or -1.5 depending on when the refraction is done.

I'm still recovering from the touch up (nearly 4 weeks) and
experiencing haloes, star bursts, blurring, and multiple ghost images.
I'm told by the eye clinic that healing from hyperopia correction
(overcorrection?) takes longer than correction for myopia. Is this

I'm told the haloes and multiple images are due to the cut that forms
the flap. And I'm told that these problems tend to be worse with
correction for hyperopia. Is this true?

Finally, I've seen images on the Internet illustrating the effects on
the cornea of myopic correction and hyperopic touch up. BUT I haven't
seen anything that describes the size of the flap.

In terms I can appreciate, such as a percentage of the diameter of the
iris, how large is the flap? In the same terms, what is the outer
diameter of the ablation for hyperopia? What about the outer diameter
of the ablation for myopia for someone like me who is overcorrected
from -9.5 to +4.25? I'm an engineer who would like to get some sense
of these dimensions so that I can have a feel for the nature of the
problem in the healing of the surgery.


Sat, 15 Feb 2003 10:42:18 GMT
 Flap Size and Ablation Size
I'm sorry that I'm not qualified to answer any of your questions,
Bob...hopefully somebody that is will chime in.  I just wanted to say
though that I'd be very suspicious of anything this doctor is telling
you.  From what I understand, over-correcting to the degree you were
over-corrected is NOT normal.  I do wonder if your doctor knows what
he's doing.

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Sun, 16 Feb 2003 03:00:00 GMT
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