"Dominent ey change" 
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 "Dominent ey change"

This is inresponse to july postings about dominent eye changes. My right eye
is the dominent one and still is as I do the holding up my finger test while
looking at a distant object and then closing one eye and then the other.
However a recent event gave the illusion of a change in dominence.
I recently had filtering surgery for glaucoma resulting in blurred vision in
the dominent eye from choroidal detachment  (now clearing up) and  rapid
cataract formation due to the use of Prednisone. Initially with both eyes
open vision was blurred but I could see clearly when I covered the eye that
had the surgery. The dominent eye really took over. But gradually my brain
has somehow corrected for this so that with both eyes open I see with the
clearer vision of the unoperated eye. Yet the finger test shows no change in
dominence.Perhaps some change in dominent eye visual acuity may explain why
some of the correspondents to this news group experience the illusion of a
change in dominence.

Wed, 06 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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