short sighted only on left eye - why 
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 short sighted only on left eye - why

>I'm no doctor, so please excuse this question:

I'm no doctor, so please excuse the reply:

>I am short sighted, but only on my left eye. My right eye is normal.
>I wonder if anybody knows of a theory about the aetiology of this.
>Why is it only my left eye?

Did you ever favor one hand over the other for a specific boyhood pastime?

Seriously, there are a lot of folks who have eyes with different refractive
errors.  Myopia is generally physiological, or based on the shape and size
of your eye.  If one of your eyes was even one-tenth of one millimeter
longer than the other, then you could have a significant difference in the
way that each would see.  The difference in your case could be a simple
hereditary or genetic tendency or just your luck of the draw.

Now, if this is a recent event, and you are of middle age or older, then a
myopic shift could be the result of other things, like an early cataract, an
elevation of {*filter*} sugar or other systemic change.  If you haven't consulted
with your eye doctor, you might want to consider doing this.  He may have a
better answer, and one based on more than just conjecture.

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