Huge intact tomb found at Pachacamac 
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 Huge intact tomb found at Pachacamac

An archaeology team from Brussels has uncovered a huge tomb containing
80 individuals from 1000 CE at the Pachacamac site in Peru, near Lima.
The tomb has escaped looting and is completely intact. 12 new born
babies were distributed around the perimeter. Ceramic vessels animals,
copper and gold, masks and more were buried with them. They appear to be
related and some had mortal injuries or illnesses. These individuals may
have traveled to this site seeking cures. Were the infants sacrificed?
Were they all buried at the same time? Were they immigrants? How did
they die?

These are questions under study now.

Heritage Daily has the story here with good photos;

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Mon, 10 Nov 2014 02:13:02 GMT
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