Hi, my name is Terry and I am a long term survivor 
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 Hi, my name is Terry and I am a long term survivor

Hi, my name is Terry and I have been HIV+ positive for over 15 years.
Part of my success has to do with a positive attitude.  One thing
that helps me is using PILLPOSITIVE containers for my meds.
Instead of looking at my medication bottles, I am looking at
fun happy conversation pieces that contain my meds.  No one needs
to know what they are, or what they are for.  No more hiding all
those medicines from prying eyes, or curious people.  And people
love looking at them..  With colorful labels and cute sayings,
it just makes taking medicine fun in a way.

They come filled with candy which I just pour out and eat.
I found the easiest way is by putting meds in the bottles that
corresponds most with it.  I use my Epivir in the SPARKLE PILLS
container cause they look like diamonds.  And the HAPPY PILL
container has my Bactrim cause they seem like Percocets or Quaaludes,
which, when I was young, were always fun.  But, you get the point. And
you can even use them for aspirin, or vitamins or whatever you want.

There are 2 sizes, small (100cc) and large (400cc).  Each comes in
company has more to choose from, but you can custom order them.  
The small set cost $10.00 and the large set is $15.00.  They come
nicely wrapped and sent direct to you.  All my friends that are on meds,
which are alot of them, are getting these for Christmas and Hanukah.  
Giving the gift of laughter is always the best gift to give.

You can order by sending a check or money order for how ever many

shipping and handling for each order.  
If you would like them sent as a gift, just let us know. We will gift wrap
and include a little card if you want us to send to a friend or loved one.

Make checks or money orders payable to:

85 b. bradford street
provincetown, ma.  02657

If you reside in Massachusetts, please add 5 1/2% sales tax.
A portion of all profits will be donated to National, State and local
Aids organizations.

Thank you, and check out our other proud products from
local artist in Provincetown at www.tcatco.com

Terry Catalano

ps.. Enjoy

Thu, 11 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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