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 ** HEALTHCARE DESIGN REVIEW http://www.healthcare-design.com **

HEALTHCARE DESIGN REVIEW   http://www.***.com/

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The only on-line review of healthcare facilities, operations, planning
and design.   FREE SUBSCRIPTION!    No password required.

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Unlike a traditional magazine, the Web is dynamic and immediate.  This
allows Healthcare Design Review to have material added as it becomes

Recently Posted:
    *Trends and Responses in Healthcare Design
    by Jan L. Bishop, AIA, Director, Health Care Studio
    The Hillier Group, Architects and Planners

    *Healthcare Index
    Summaries of articles on healthcare from about 50 construction
industry journals. The Index will be updated regularly.

Check out the Contents page for other recent postings

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Healthcare Design Review provides the opportunity for allied
professionals in the business of facility planning and design to share
their exciting successes. It also offers a great prospect for
international exposure for professionals.  Information of interest to
in-house planners, managers, clinicians and those in executive
management who wish to know more about both cutting edge planning and
design and the professionals who are making the greatest contributions.

We are looking for contributors.  You can be part of this exciting new
journal, whether you are hospital, clinical, consultant or firm-based.

Also,  you can download free: 40 CAD medical equipment symbols you can
use immediately. They are located in the Archives section of the table
of Contents.

Healthcare Design Review
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