>>Surplus Ultrasound Equipment Wanted<< 
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 >>Surplus Ultrasound Equipment Wanted<<

ULTRAMED, INC. is interested in purchasing surplus
ultrasound equipment.  We prefer equipment by the major
manufacturers such as ATL, ACUSON, BIOSOUND, DIASONICS,
HITACHI. ALOKA and INTERSPECT but will consider any
quality system.

We especially need vascular machines with doppler and
good calculations packages.  Any machine for consideration
should be in good operating condition and be under ten
years old.  

Many of our clients can use equipment that may be considered
obsolete in the USA so contact us before disposing of that
old BW ultrasound system that is taking up needed space.

We are not Brokers and pay immediately upon acceptance of
our offer and make all pickup and shipping arrangements.

Gil Groehn, General Manager

        OR CALL:  ac 313 884-1139

Wed, 22 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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