>>Ultrasound Equipment Wanted<< 
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 >>Ultrasound Equipment Wanted<<

ULTRAMED, INC. needs all types of diagnostic
ultrasound and echocardiography equipment for
our third world clients.  Older equipment that
may be considered obsolete in the USA may meet
the needs of these facilities.

We are especially interested in any of the older
portable units such as ALOKA 210, BIOSOUND GENESIS II,
INTERSPECT XL, and even the old ADR/ATL4000 series.
We can also use old units like the DIASONICS DRF-400,
SPA-400 and SPA-1000,  ATL UM-4, UM-5 and UM-8, etc.

We can also use just about anything in working usable
equipment.   We pay a fair negotiated price and make
all pickup and shipping arrangements.  

Send a list of what you have available and your voice
phone number and I will contact you for a quote.

Gil Groehn, General Manager

PLEASE REPLY TO OUR HOME SERVER or call ac 313 884-1139

        OR CALL:  ac 313 884-1139

Wed, 07 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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