>>Surplus Ultrasound Equipment Needed<< 
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 >>Surplus Ultrasound Equipment Needed<<

                     N O T I C E

        ULTRAMED, INC. needs all types of surplus medical
diagnostic equipment for our export clients.

        Especially needed are working Ultrasound and Echo-
cardiography systems,   all type of cardiology equipment
(EKG's, Holter Monitors and recorders, Defibrillators,
Patient monitors, Telemetry equipment, Stress Test systems,
etc,)  Basic laboratory equipment such as microscopes,
spectrophotometers, cell counters, centrifuges, etc.,
portable x-ray units, NIBP monitors and general diagnostic
and surgical equipment such as endoscopes, AMSCO OR tables,

        We pay fair prices in cash (we are not brokers) for
our own stock and make all pickup and shipping arrangements.

        Many of our export clients can use equipment that may
be considered obsolete for clinical use in the USA.  Email
a list of what you have available for a prompt bid.  Please
include your voice phone number.

                                ULTRAMED, INC.
                                Gil Groehn, Managing Director

Grosse Pointe Farms, MICH 48236 USA             (313) 884-1139

Thu, 18 Sep 1997 04:00:00 GMT
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