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 ROC calculating software

Does anyone know a ROC calculating and plotting software?


G. Sparacia

Thu, 17 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT
 ROC calculating software

  > Does anyone know a ROC calculating and plotting software?

If you have access to the World Wide Web, you can download any or all of
our software for ROC analysis without charge from
http://www.***.com/ ;Alternatively,
you can download the software by anonymous FTP, for which instructions
follow.  ***If you download the software by FTP, please be sure to send
us the information requested in the "Read Me" file.***

I'm appending below a reading list on ROC methodology in case it may be

   Charles Metz

Charles E. Metz, Ph.D.
Professor of Radiology
The University of Chicago


Our ROC software can be downloaded by FTP via the Internet. Type:  (web-browser software)
    ftp    (command-line users)
    user: anonymous
    password: <yourname>

DOS, Macintosh, and generic UNIX/workstation/mainframe versions of our
software package are available.  The software is located in an "roc"
directory, which contains the subdirectories:

  ibmpc -- pkzip compressed/archived versions of the DOS
  mac   -- lha compressed/archived versions of the Mac
  src   -- generic Fortran source code for workstations and
           mainframes (no screen prompts)
  data  -- sample data for testing the workstation/mainframe
  man   -- simple-minded man pages for UNIX workstation/
           mainframe users.

README files in the "roc" directory and in the "ibmpc" and "mac"
subdirectories explain how to get the files you want.  The basic
procedure is:

        1. decide which version(s) of the software package
           you need
        2. ftp and login into the computer (as above)
        3. type "binary" at the ftp prompt (this forces
           binary transfers)
        4. cd to the appropriate directory
        5. mget all the files
        6. type "bye" to leave.

Example of an FTP session

% ftp
login ( anonymous
password: ben herman

FTP> binary
binary mode set
FTP> cd roc/mac
cd successful
FTP> prompt
interactive file transfer canceled
FTP> mget *.*
getting file ###### as ######
FTP> bye
connection closed

End of example

If you have any questions or encounter any problems in downloading our
software, please contact my graduate student, Ben Herman, at

                                      Charles Metz


Readings in ROC Analysis, with Emphasis on Medical Applications

Prepared by Charles E. Metz
Department of Radiology
The University of Chicago


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Press, 1975.  

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