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 Association/Students/Radiologic Sciences

        The Association of Students of the Radiologic Sciences is a society
for students affiliated or interested in radiology, radiologic technology,
medical imaging, health physics, and associated disciplines.  Currently,
no similar organization exists which opens its membership to students.

        The organization has as goals and principles the following:

        1.  To encourage awareness by students of the various fields of
radiology and careers as radiologists (medical doctors), radiological
technologists, and graduate research-based education in the associated

        2.  To promote scholarship and communication among students involved
in radiological research, technology, radiology in health care (including
M.D.s in radiology residencies), medical imaging, and associated disciplines
such as nuclear physics;

        3.  To provide a forum for the discussion of current methods in
radiology and radiological research;

        4.  To promote integrity among those involved in the various
fields of radiology.

If you are interested in being involved in this kind of exchange, please
respond to me via e-mail (directly or via my WWW homepage).  I will respond
and will communicate more details.

          WWW:   http://www.***.com/ ~wilkins

| Eric P. Wilkinson             EE/Pre-Med       Arizona State University |


Wed, 05 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT
 Association/Students/Radiologic Sciences
I believe an Association of Students/Radiologic Sciences would be

Kim Kerns

Sat, 15 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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