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 Repost: SOS!!!!! (Urgent medical emergency) THALLIUM POISONING


>Subject: Repost: SOS!!!!! (Urgent medical emergency)
>Date: 26 Apr 1995 12:45:33 GMT

>The original was cancelled by another

because it went to too many >groups w/o crossposting (i.e. it was spam) so I'm
reposting it.>If you already saw the original before it was cancelled, my
apologies>for the duplication.
>Please note that I have no more knowledge of this situation than is
>contained in the original message.  I also have no knowledge of the
>accuracy of that information, but it seemed best to treat it as accurate.
>See the email address in the post for more details

>: Subject: SOS!!!!!
>: Date: 25 Apr 1995 02:24:31 GMT
>: Organization: Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA

>: For all, please read and forward the mail to as many people as possible.  
>: This girl desperately needs help. The more this circulates, the better
>: chance that someone who knows what to do will be found. Thanks!
>: - --
>:   Hi,
>:         This is Peking University in China, a place of those dreams of
>: freedom and democracy. However, a young, 21-year old student
>: has become very sick and is dying. The illness is very rare. Though
>: they have tried, doctors at the best hospitals in Beijing cannot cure
>: her; many do not even know what illness it is. So now we are asking
>: the world -- can somebody help us?
>:         Here is a description of the illness:
>:         The young woman -- her name is Zhu Ling -- is a student in
>: the chemistry department. On DEC. 5, 1994, Zhu Ling felt sick in
>: her stomach. Three days later, her hair began to fall out and within
>: two days she was completely bald. She entered the hospital, but the
>: doctors could not find the season for her illness. However,
>: after she was in the hospital for a month, she began to feel better
>: and her hair grew back. Zhu Ling went back to school in February,
>: but in March her legs began to ache severely, and she felt dizzy.
>: She entered XieHe(Harmony) Hospital - the most famous hospital in China.
>: On March 15, her symptoms worsened. She began {*filter*} paralysis, central
>: muscle of eye's paralysis, self-controlled respiration disappeared. So `
>: she was put on a respirator.
>:         The doctors did many tests for many diseases including anti-H2V,
>: spinal cord puncture, NMR, immune system, chemical drug
>: intoxication ANA,ENA,DSONA,ZG and Lyme, but all were
>: negative, except for Lyme disease(ZGM(+)).
>:         The doctors now think that it might be acute disseminated
>: encephalomyelitis(ADEM) or lupus erythematosus(LE), but the
>: data from the tests did not support this conclusion.
>:         The doctors are now treating Zhu Ling with broad-spectrum
>: antibiotic of cephalosporin, anti-virus drug, hormone, immun-
>: oadjuvent, gamma globulin intravenous injection and have given
>: her plasma exchange(PE) of 10,000 CCs. But Zhu Ling has not
>: responded -- she remains in a vegetative state, sustained by life
>: support.
>:         If anyone has heard of patients with similar symptoms -- or
>: have any ideas as to what this illness could be, please contact us.
>: We are Zhu Ling's friends and we are disparate to help her.
>:         This is the first time that Chinese try to find help from
>: Internet, please send back E-mail to us. We will send more crystal
>: description of her illness to you.

>:                                     Thank you very much,
>:                                                         Peking University
>:                                                         April 10th, 1995
>: ==========================================================================

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