Ph.D MRI physicist seeks job 
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 Ph.D MRI physicist seeks job

        MRI Physicist with Ph.D seeks job opportunities

Dear colleges

I use the freedom and potential of Internet to seek a job opportunity as
a MRI physicist or scientist. Parts of my CV reads:

1980-1985: University of Wisconsin, Madison. B.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering
and Medical Physics. First introduction to MRI.

1987: MRI summer school at University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

1987-1993: University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Ph.D studies at the
Department of Bio-Medical Physics and Bio-Engineering.
Thesis: "Two pulse sequences for NMR imaging", 1993.

1994-1995: Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway. Involved in MRI
clinical research.

I have all together seven years of pulse programming experience on a
Philips S15, 1.5T system and a Siemens Impact, 1.0T MR-unit. During my
Ph.D studies I was supervised by Dr. M. Foster, Dr. J.M.S. Hutchison in
Aberdeen and Dr. G.Thorkildsen in Stavanger, Norway. The research took
place using a Philips MRI scanner at Central Hospital in Stavanger. After
a move to Bergen, I have continued writing pulse sequences, among others,
for the hospitals fMRI group. Since 1988 I have been able to attend all
SMRM meetings and spent most of my professional time trying to keep up
with the rapid growth of MRI.
The job I am looking for is at an well established MRI site, where
research is encouraged and a part of my working day. Preferable the job
should involve inhouse and university level teaching possibilities. Close
contact with the clinic is appreciated.
Please contact me by using my e-mail address or use phone number 47 55
122889 if this short information is of any value to you.

        Sincerely Kjell Gjesdal, Ph.D

Sun, 07 Sep 1997 20:56:07 GMT
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