Medical Physicist Job Opening [Chico, CA] 
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 Medical Physicist Job Opening [Chico, CA]

SSGI is an international company seeking a medical physicist to join its team.
This individual will be involved in the research, design and testing of
commercial radiation therapy treatment planning software, assist with support
and training for software users and participate with PROWESS Medical
Physics Group at its clinical sites.  This is a multifaceted position and
requires a person possessing good verbal, people and problem solving skills.

If interested, please refer to our WWW or FTP sites for a full postscript
description of the position. ( http://www.***.com/ ,

Bennett Smith                   SSGI
Senior Software Engineer        1370 Ridgewood Drive, Suite 20

voice: (916) 898-0662           fax: (916) 342-8966

Fri, 03 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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