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 Fraud and Scamz Help URLS: [Fwd: FW/1June97/Part 4 of 4]

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In This Section:
Consumer Web Sites
Fraud Watch Information
Classified Advertising

Consumer Web Sites

Help is available on the internet!  Many government agencies as
well as non-profit agenices have set up web sites so that
the consumer can get information.  The following is a selected
listing of various consumer oriented web sites that can
assist you.  The following is a selected list.  For a massive
list, go to
Consumer World.

American Council on Science & Health
The ACSH promotes responsible reporting of health issues.

Better Business Bureau
The venerable Better Business Bureau requires that member
businesses maintain a high standard of conduct and resolve
complaints. The BBB is a good place to start to find out about a
company or to file a complaint with if a business fails to
respond. Recently many BBB's were given the option to charge for
giving out information requested on companies.
While some do charge (either by 900 number or by credit card),
all do. You can also send a written request and there
is no charge for this.  Also the BBB has now set up an internet
version called BBB Online which member companies are
allowed to display on their web sites to show they adhere to the
standards of the Better Business Bureau.

Consumer World
This site will connect you to hundreds of consumer oriented web
sites.  Bookmark this page for future use.

Computer virus hoaxes are monitored here as well as reports of
genuine virus alerts.

Federal Trade Commission
http://www.***.com/ .
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is charged with ensuring
fairness in the marketplace and will go after companies that
practice deceptive advertising. The site lists the latest
actions taken
by them as well as many informative pamphlets about
consumer fraud.

Food & Drug Administration
The FDA is charged with ensuring the safe marketing of
prescription {*filter*} and">food safety.

Internet Scambusters
Internet Scambusters is an excellent free e-zine about frauds on
the internet. You can sign up for it at this site. An excellent

National Check Fraud Center
The NCFC reports and monitors fraudulent check activity.

National Council Against Health Fraud
The NCAHF is an organization dedicated to exposing fraudulent
health schemes.

National Fraud Information Center
The NFIC is as joint effort of the National Consumers League and
the Association of State Attorney Generals and is
supported by a grant from MasterCard. The NFIC is a national
reporting center for fraud schemes. Reports filed with the
NFIC are forwarded to the appropriate state or federal agency
handling (and saves you the time to call them up
yourself). The NFIC also has daily reports on fraud schemes and
consumer warnings. You can also file a report online,
via e-mail, or phone it in to them.

Scamwatch is an excellent consumer resource about frauds on the

Securites and Exchange Commission
This U.S. agency is charged with regulating securities sold on
stock exchanges.

United States Postal Inspector
The United States Postal Inspector is charged with investigating
and enforcing postal regulations. This site contains
information about various mail fraud schemes including chain

International Consumer Web Sites:

Australian Consumer Affairs Bureau

Australian Consumers Association

Better Business Bureau: Costa Rica

Industry Canada Office of Consumer Affairs

Consumers Association of Canada

Consumers Association of Penang, Malaysia

European Commission Consumer Page
Subscription Information
Fraud Watch is published bi-weekly except on weeks of major
legal holidays.

Subscribe information
Web Page Sign Up:
E-mail Sign Up:

message: join fraudnews

To Leave Fraud Watch
Web Page:

message: leave fraudnews

Requested Subscription Fee: $15.00
Payment of fee helps with cost of production and to develop
consumer services for the internet community.  This fee is
and you are under no obligation to pay at any time.  If you
to pay, please send cheque or money order (in U.S. funds) made
payable to Evergreen Ridge Press:

Evergreen Ridge PRess
2226A Westborough Blvd#313
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Please be sure to include your e-mail address so we can send a
confirmation to you.

Fraud Watch accepts advertising to help defray costs of
publication.  Our advertising rates are as follows and based
upon a
circulation of 1,500:

$9.00 for sponsor ad.  A  sponsor ad appears at the beginning of
the publication and allows you 20 words to say anything you want
about your product or service (no graphics).  Length of run: 2
issues (one month)

$5.00 for classified ad.  A classified ad appears at the end of
publication and allows you 10 words (contact information is
free) to
say anything you want about your product or service (no
Length of run: 1 issue.

Please contact us for details of remittance and submission

Our Policy Concerning Our Membership Lists
In short, we will not sell or exchange the membership list of
Watch with any other party.  Only the publishers of Fraud Watch
and employees of Silverquick Communications have access to this

Neither Fraud Watch, Mark Taylor, the internet provider, nor
Silverquick Communication assume any responsibility for the
content of a sponsor or classified ad. All information provided
Fraud Watch ought not to be construed as legal advice of any
and we are not responsible for any action, consequential or
otherwise, that results from information contained in this

Who To Contact:

By Mail:
Fraud Watch
2226A Westborough Blvd#313
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Telephone: 1-888-842-1338 (toll free voice mail)
Local: 415-359-9222
Fax:    415-359-3867

Classified Advertising

Bandits on the Information Superhighway

Dan Barrett's 240-page "Bandits on the Information
Superhighway" is the  definitive work on how to protect your
privacy, avoid scams, buy and sell items wisely, meet strangers
safely, and know your rights when using the  Internet or other
computerized communication channels.

This book is available for purchase from the publishers of the
Consumer Alert Letter for the following prices:
$19.95 for U.S residents
$20.95 For Canada
$21.95 for Overseas

All prices cover postage costs for shipping the book to you.

To order this book, please fill out the coupon below and mail.
order should arrive in 4-6 weeks.  Please make your checks
payable to EVERGREEN RIDGE PRESS.  All payment must by
check or money order (international money order if ordering from
overseas).  Sorry no credit cards accepted.
Yes!  I want to order Dan Barrett's book "Bandits on the

I enclose the following amount:
_ $19.95 for U.S. residents
_ $20.95 for Canadian residents
_ $21.95 for Overseas delivery
Note: California residents, please add appropriate sales tax






Zip Code______________________________________


Please make all checks payable to "EVERGREEN RIDGE PRESS"
and send to
Evergreen Ridge Press
2226A Westborough Blvd#313
South San Francisco, CA 94080
Copyright Notice
Except as permitted under the Copyright Act of 1976, no part of
newsletter may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or
mechanical means, including the use of information storage and
retrieval systems without permission in writing from the

        FraudNews is owned and published by :

All material published is copyright.It must not be reproduced
in any form without the express permission of of the owner.

This Newsletter is broadcast using the List and Newsletter
Management facilities of Silverquick Communications
You may subscribe to FraudNews and the Fraud-Discuss lists on
the web pages at : http://www.***.com/


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