On Having Asperger Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD: Psychostimulant Therapy 
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 On Having Asperger Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD: Psychostimulant Therapy

On Having Comorbid Asperger's Syndrome, Sensory Integration
Dysfunction, ADHD.

All of the disorders above are believed to be genetic disorders of an
unknown etiology.  Because of the Trimodic Distribution of Phenotype,
it is unlikely from the standpoint of genetics research that a person
who is co-morbid in all of the above, such as myself, could offer
anything definitive in the way of genetics research because there are
simply too many overlapping genetic variables to factor in, and what
with genetics research being in its infancy in its developmental
phase..  It is ultimately a fourth dimensional problem requiring a
more dynamic approach than is currently offered by the highly
specialized fields in medicine, who by and large are incapable of
integration outside of their narrow specializations to offer a more
dynamic solution.

Which, in any event, appears to be different from the more holistic
solutions, too; or based on my experience of it.  In over the two
years that I had gone to see Dr. Tatum, who in fact specializes in
holistic medicine, I had never developed a truly solid patient: doctor
relationship with him because Dr. Tatum is similar to me in terms of
his disposition or personality:  Cold, standoff-ish, aloof.
Consequently, I didn't think that my recommendation to Dr. Tatum would
be well-received by Dr. Tatum, who is the one, after all--who had
first brought to my attention two years ago to a study done on mice
who were given perhaps many times their body weight a daily regimen of
psychostimulant treatment to understand the physiological changes or
measurable changes that can occur in the brain with long-term
excessive psychostimulant abuse.  What they found was that exessive
long term abuse of psychostimulants causes loss of brain cells and/or
synaptic damage and substantial neuronal loss, (I think, based on my
fuzzy memory of what he had told me.  I will have to go and read the
study myself, I suppose).

Needless to say, I was too intimidated to tell him that the dosage
that he had me on didn't work, unless I took all three 20 milligram
pills of Adderall allotted for the entire day for my first and final
dosage, which at least gives me 4-5 hours of every day that is
relatively symptom-free.  It is, after all, "something" as opposed to
"nothing."  So I am ultimately left to fend for myself and to find my
own solutions to my problems, as always.

And I have a simple solution.  At least, part of the solution--if a
physician or a team of physicians could be found who would be willing
to offer to work with me.  Yet it is highly unlikely that there would
be any who may be found who would furthermore consider my course or
recommendations for treatment plan for myself which is aimed at
reducing my variety of complex symptoms affecting primarily issues
involving lower cognitive, neurological, or sensorimotor and other
lower-brain functional impairments with which I seem to be perpetually
entangled, such that I am forever stuck having to deal with these
impairments of a sensorimotor kind.

As a consequence of being perpetually stuck there in the sensorimotor
world, I am for the most part preoccupied with mindless issues of a
sensorimotor kind, such that I am effectively barred from having
access to my higher brain functioning abilities, which by contrast are
thought to be exceptional if not superior in functioning ability.  In
fact, we would go so far as to say that we have managed to compensate
a great deal for our many life-long neurological deficits because we
have been gifted with a highly-evolved cerebral cortex, by contrast..

Because of the failures of current treatment I have no choice but to
offer a more radical and altogether different recommendation, a
pharmacological solution, no less, which naturally flies in the face
of conventional medicine as it calls for change in medication to
Desoxyn, whose generic name, methamphetamine, immediately conjures an
image of meth and abuse, emaciated, sunken faces of people with bad
{*filter*}hygeine and rottted out teeth who have sores all over their
faces, as well, their "after" pictures, in stark contrast to rosy glow
of healthy clear faces in "before" picture and full set of teeth prior
to meth.

For this reason, it is rarely if ever considered by psychiatrists as a
possible treatment option for sufferers who may no longer respond to
their current medications.  In spite of a published report which found
Desoxyn to be safer than amphetamine mixes that are currently favored
as firstline of treatment by most doctors for the treatment of ADHD.
Desoxn has been found to have lesser side-effects than the amphetamine
mixes, which is the generic name for brand name, Adderall.
Furthermore, compared to Adderall, Desoxyn was found to be overall
superior over amphetamine mixes in terms of efficacy.

Finally, the fact that it requires 1/2 the dosage of Adderall to
produce the equivalent control over ADHD symptoms is a no-brainer, at
least in my particular case which by now should be clear that I
present an atypical class of patients yet for sake of redundancy say
it again that I am not merely ADHD, but have been diagnosed with three
very similar but yet distinct diagnoses, all of which respond
positively to psychostimulant medication if given at a dosage that is
more realistic.

This would seem reasonable, I would think, as I have laid it out in
the above--if only to account for the current failure of current
treatment and to address the full person that I am, once and for rall:
who is not merely ADHD but rather presents a unique case of patient in
that we are triple in dosage of Neuro-diversity in genes (Sensory
Integration Dysfunction [also known as "Sensory Processing
Disorder,"], Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD).  When considering these
factors alone--and the curious fact that they all respond positively
to the same medication (a psychostimulant, e.g., Adderall) it is
hardly surprising to me in the least that I may require a
significantly higher than normal dose.  Of course--let us not forget
the possibility that it is likely that an adjustment may be in order
at some point in time even if I have "maxed out" the doctor-
recommended dosage.. We should not overlook the possibility that a
natural tolerance level does indeed build up in some individual over
the years and for the fact that we have been at the current dose of 60
mg. per day of Adderall for 8 years but that it no longer works.  So I
am wondering if my recommendation of 120 mg. of Adderall per day is
unreasonable, considering the circumstances.  I am at my wit's end in
finding a solution.

Yet considering the overall efficacy of Desoxyn--which only requires
half the amount of Adderall to produce the same result, I do not think
that a regimen of 60 mg. of Desoxyn per day in my case is unreasonable
(1/2 of the recommended Adderall dose of 120 mg. per day).  I would
like to get the feedback on others on this.

Because of my triple dosage of Neuro-Diversity in ND genes (ADHD,
Sensory Integration Dysfunction, and Asperger's Syndrome), I feel that
I belong to a unique class or category of patients whose medical
hardships and unique set of very complex problems affecting day-to-day
living have been largely ignored by all others in the world.  The
uniqueness of my situation demands a solution that is possibly at odds
with more conventional pharmacological methods and recommendations
thus far offered, to date, which are geared to the "normals" who
simply have ADHD and do not take into account the fact that I am a
phenotype of a trimodic possibly a quadromodic structure of
phenotype.  Suc that I am discouraged by the likes of Dr. Karen L.
Edwards, PhD., as being able to offer definitive proof from the
standpoint of genetics research because I exceed the trimodic
distribution of phenotype which is the phenotype discouraged by

To put in more layman's terms , I appear to have an umbrella of
symptoms which are many and varied such that I can identify with
nearly every colour on the rainbow in the AQAL colour system of Ken
Wilber except for blue of traditional heartland conservatism, which
can be further divided into four overlapping, distinct, yet related,
genetic disorders.

Yet three of these disorders respond well to one medication, Adderall,
a psychostimulant class of medication which is tightly monitored as a
controlled substance, yet suggesting that problems which are currently
thought to be far too complex or insurmountable can be resolved and
simplified in higher dimensional space-free time-free Aperspectival
whose medical recommendations for myself are likewise thought to be
perceiving and imparting in Truth. .

My problems are ultimately beyond the capacity of conventional
medicine to address, who by and large have diversified into narrow
specialties but cannot as yet offer a more dynamic solution to my
unique set of complex problems.  It is ultimately left to me to take
research into my own hands and to become my own self-advocate to learn
what I can of my confusing array of disorders, which is what I have
done and continue to do, as research for my genetic phenotype is
discouraged because of the complex nature of my symptoms, which are
far too many and varied, and often overlapping..

The vast array of symptoms are treatable, in fact.  But to date,
remain undertreated if not altogether untreated and are largely
ignored by the world, who are oblivious to my unique hardships to even
begin to consider exploring a possible solution for my unique set of
medical disorders which may require a more dynamic solution which can
be found to be simplified in higher dimensional space for the fact
that they all seem to respond to the same medication, hence are

Given the uniqueness of our situation and the dismal failures of
conventional medicine to address our variety of complex symptoms, who
by and large remain oblivious to what extent I am experiencing, we are
left once again on our own for a novel solution.  The solution we
offer, again, is at odds with the recommendations of conventional
medicine.  Yet, given the uniqueness of our situation, we feel that it
must be explored as a possible solution..

I realize I have unloaded quite a lot.  Basically what I am trying to
figure out is whether my recommended course of treatment plan for
myself is unreasonable, considering the uniqueness of my situation and
the lack of an integrated medicine as of yet.


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