human skin color data 
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 human skin color data

Mitch Wade asks:

>I need to analyze the range of human skin color, and I am looking for
>resources.  I would like to find existing collected data sets, in RGB or
>defined color space and/or close up sample images of human skin with well
>defined lighting/camera data.  It is important to have a wide range of skin
>samples.  Any references would be greatly appreciated.

I ran across an interesting squib by a guy named Olivieri, I think it was,
at the MIT Computer Science Lab a few months ago: he wrote that human
chrominances are the same, but that luminances vary from place to place on
the planet. (Isn't "Olivieri" a fine name for a person who would come up
with this idea!) One of his web pages had a photograph of a very dark Indian
or Pakistani as an example of "flesh colored."

This seems to me perfectly reasonable between Europeans and Africans: the
palms of my coffee-coloured daughter are the same colour as mine, and she
was pink when she was born; her mother, who is Sudanese, is as "black" as
melanin can make you. Still, I've been wondering every since what the
situation is with Asians and the rest of the human race.

Hunt strategy is to go to any MIT machine with a search engine and search on
"skin colored."


Sat, 05 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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