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 STUFF: December 15, 1998]

this lawsuit might have some good use for clubhouses. anyone wanna

and happy holidaze to all and to all a good nite!


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Subject: [MADNATION] STUFF: December 15, 1998
December 15, 1998
MadNation Daily Stuff

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"High court takes on case about treatment of mentally disabled

Copyright (c) 1998 Nando Media
Copyright (c) 1998 The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (December 14, 1998 2:22 p.m. EST http://www.***.com/ ) --
The Supreme Court agreed Monday to decide if a federal law requires state
officials to place mentally disabled persons in community-based programs
whenever possible rather than in mental hospitals or other institutions.

The justices said they will review a ruling that said Georgia officials
discriminated against two such people "by confining them in a segregated
institution rather than in an integrated community-based program."

Georgia's appeal to the nation's highest court is supported by 22 other
states that contend the federal Americans with Disabilities Act does not
require community placement if appropriate treatment also can be provided
in a state mental hospital.

Two Georgia citizens formerly housed in a state psychiatric hospital sued,
contending that the federal law required their care be provided "in the
most integrated setting appropriate" to their needs.[...]"


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Treating Mental Disorders: A Neuroscientist Says No to {*filter*}
By Joshua Rolnick
The Chronicle of Higher Education

December 10, 1998

Elliot S. Valenstein has spent most of his career searching for biological
explanations for behavior. Now, after more than 40 years, he is attacking
the prevailing biochemical explanations for mental illness.

"We have almost reached the point where there will be no limits to what
people will believe brain chemistry can explain," he writes in the
introduction to his new book, Blaming the Brain: The Truth About {*filter*} and
Mental Health (The Free Press). It's time to stop blaming mental disorders
on brain chemistry, he argues.

In simple terms, the biochemical theory holds that clinical depression,
schizophrenia, and other disorders result mainly from chemical imbalances
in the brain. {*filter*} like Prozac and lithium are supposed to work because
they correct such imbalances.

In his book, however, Mr. Valenstein, an emeritus professor of psychology
and neuroscience at the University of Michigan, argues that scientifically,
the biochemical explanation of mental illness rests on shaky ground.
Environmental and cognitive variables are as important as biology, he
writes, and psychotherapy is often just as effective as drug treatments,
which pharmaceutical companies, psychiatrists, and others have successfully

Mr. Valenstein, a former chairman of Michigan's biopsychology program,
seems an unlikely crusader. In his years of research on rats and other
laboratory animals, and in more than 140 scholarly articles, he studied how
the brain and other biological factors, such as hormones, influence

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"Call for more diverse health workforce

WASHINGTON, Dec 14 (Reuters Health) -- The nation's health workforce needs
``vastly greater racial, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity'' in order to
provide the best care to Americans in the next century, according to a
report from the Pew Health Professions Commission.

In the report, ``Recreating Health Professional Practice for a New
Century,'' the Commission calls for health professions schools to look at
socio-cultural status and commitment to community service in addition to
test scores during the admissions process.

``For the good of the nation, health professions schools need to ensure
that health professionals are not only competent and meet high standards,
but that they are also diverse,'' according to a press statement issued by
the Commission.

``Just because a doctor knows how to speak another person's language does
not mean he or she is more qualified to care for that person,'' said
Commission Chairman George Mitchell, a former Senator from Maine. But, if
that doctor understands the person's culture, beliefs about healthcare and
knowledge of how the healthcare system works, then that doctor is more
likely to be able to effectively meet that patient's needs.''[...]"


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