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 HP Homeless Advocate Pressroom (HAP) (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 04:51:54 PST

Subject: HP Homeless Advocate Pressroom (HAP)

Greetings, Homeless Activists!

The Global Homeless Network, World Homeless Union and American Homeless
Society are sponsoring the Homeless Advocate Pressroom (HAP), a new and
innovative mailing list where journalists can communicate, receive and
learn about current homeless news, events, problems, issues,
controversies and crises.

HAP is a {*filter*}bridge between the homeless, their advocates and
journalists who have published outstanding homeless articles, in the
past. If you have any important homeless news, information or
announcements to share with the media, please present it to

present it to the various journalists subscribed to our homeless-news
mailing list.

If you have problems with the format, grammar, spelling or punctuation,
HAP can help you spiff up your press release, to look professional for
the journalists. Please include your full name(s) and contact telephone
number(s), so the media can contact you, directly, after we dispatch
your press release to them.

These are top-notch journalists not interested in minor homeless
problems, complaints or issues, but they would also be interested in
unique homeless people, events and situations. If you know of
journalists in your area, or from elsewhere, that you would like to see
on our HAP list, please send me their names and e-mail addresses, to

Homeless advocates advocate day and night for homeless rights! Like
lightning and thunder, we are being read and heard, loud and clear!

Join our chorus for homeless rights! Rock the boat! Shake the earth!
Rumble and tumble with your local politicians and city hall!

Stand up! Stand up! The homeless need us everywhere on the move;
organizing, mobilizing and pushing their just and worthy cause!

Help by letting HAP know who the humane journalists are, in your area,
state and nation. Our global homeless movement is making a difference
because we care enough, to take action against involuntary homelessness,
and its root causes around the world. Peace, love and goodnite. ruben


P.S. Homeless newspaper and alternative media journalists, please let me
know if you would like to be subscribed to the HAP mailing list, and let
your colleagues know about our new mailing list, as well.

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"Kosovo-Reports" - Direct reports from Kosovo/Serbia/Yugoslavia.

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