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>>Hello Newsgroup:

>>Can you imagine a book on evolutionary psychology written by a
>geologist??  Please take
>>a look.  The book is called "Managing the Tribe". It also has
>something to say about
>>evolutionary biology.

>I would love to talk to anyone who studies Psychopharmacology from a
>evolutionary psychological point of view.  This is our hope for
>consistent, enduring happiness without compulsion.  Serotonin,
>Dopamine, Oxytocin and the like are intimately related to evolution's
>tragic yet beautiful human designs and her power over us that compells
>us to be gene bags rather than happy planetary dancers.

>Please, please, please add to this thread. I have little more than the
>notion of profound importance right now.  I searched the two subjects
>together and have found nothing.  I was delighted to find the subject
>of evolutionary psychology on a psychobiology news group and will no
>doubt revel in the information that this new book provides.  More


You should be aware that sociobiology and evolutionary psychology as
they are currently defined probably have little or no scientific
validity.  The underlying models assumed by these theories of how
genetic variations affect human behavior are too simplistic, and lead
to gross errors when optimization techniques are applied.

There is an extensive literature critiquing sociobiology which makes
some of these points - see the famous article "The Spandrels of San
Marcos" by Lewontin and Gould.  Unfortunately, Lewontin and Gould then
go overboard by assuming that genetics does not affect human behavior,
which goes completely against the scientific evidence.

If you want to read some real science on the subject, check out C R
Cloninger on Medline.  The first genetic polymorphism which affects
personality and behavior was positively identified early this year -
the dopamine D4 receptor (though lots more evidence of a more
cirumstantial nature has been published for some time, e.g. MAO
levels, and debrisoquine hyroxylase.)

New techniques of molecular biology combined with objective
psychological personality assessment will now begin to replace the
more speculative methods of sociobiology and evolutionary psychology,
bringing about the molecular revolution in psychology Crick predicted
in his 1984 book "What Mad Pursuit".

Once psychology has a firmer foundation, it will then be possible to
revisit the evolutionary adaptations which shape human behavior.  In
fact, a global theory is now starting to take shape which shows that
the brain orchestrates a comprehensive set of integrated defense and
repair mechanisms when there is a threat to the integrity and survival
of the body, e.g. infection, trauma, physical and psychological
stress.  The psychoneuroimmunology literature covers part of this
theory.  It is also intimately connected with the psychopharmcology
question e.g. the roles of the opiate receptor and the brain


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