The Inquisition against Dopamine should be stopped 
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 The Inquisition against Dopamine should be stopped

The article suggests that

> > {*filter*}ion results from an increase in dopamine activity: "It is thought
> > that all habit-forming {*filter*} affect the dopamine (DA) system in the brain
> > either directly as DA agonists, or by enhancing DA release, or by acting
> > on other neurons responding to different neurotransmitters, which synapse
> > upon this DA system to activate it." The benzodiazepines are explicitly
> > included in this explanation:

The generality that dopamine is "the" "culprit" of "drug {*filter*}ion" is
not a
scientific problem but a socio-religious problem which arose in the
form of Protestantism cultivated in North-America.

I doubt that bouddhist scientists,for example,would ever have invented
typically protestant notion of "drug" and "drug {*filter*}ion".

Our judeo-christian societies have been very keen at Inquisition and
to,authoritarily,control the mind and the behaviour of others.

As Dr Thomas Szasz nicely pointed in his book "The Manufacture of
Madness" and
Philosopher Michel Foucault in his many books on how human beings
controlling other human beings,inquisitional behaviours are not

Just think of an obvious example,in your type of society:President

The Spanish Inquisition tracked the devilry(diablerie)in a concept

The Nazi Inquisition tracked devilry in a concept called "Jew".

The new "Drug Gestapo" is tracking devilry within the very fabric of
our own
synapses through a concept called the "drug {*filter*}" and a molecule

All these behaviours are Inquisitions.The concept under scrutiny
the behaviour stays the same through the centuries.

All Inquisitions have tried to "eradicate" a devilry from the body or
mind of human beings.Past devilries have been the "witch",the
"Jew",the "Gay"
and the last one is the "drug {*filter*} + dopamine".

Dopamine is one of the MOST IMPORTANT molecule in our brain because it
the purpose to stimulate:

Our desire of Freedom

Without dopamine,never we could maintain our structure because we
would lose
motivation.We would stop acting in exoreality and become zombies.

Attacking dopamine is like trying to lobotomise people because
dopamine is the
ESSENCE of an animal WILL to fight for SURVIVAL.

Dopamine IS the molecule of survival.

So the new Gestapo against dopamine is a highly politically sensitive
because controlling,by law,dopamine is just,simply stated,CONTROLLING
SURVIVAL INSTINCT of we,human beings.

The Dopamine Inquisitors are the most dangerous Inquisitors ever
they succeeded in their monstruous quest,it would mean that mankind
would be
dispossed of this very molecule which induces Resistance to Tyranny.

No external self-proclaimed "authority" has the right to manipulate
dopamine activity.

This is a basic freedom which ought to be put in the Declaration of
the Rights
of Man.



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