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 New titles in Evolution, Evolutionary Psychology etc...

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Unweaving the Rainbow: Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder
-Richard Dawkins, November1998
This is the book that Richard Dawkins was meant to write: a brilliant
assessment of what science is (and what it isn't), a tribute to science
"not because it is useful (though it is), but because it is uplifting, in
the same way as the best poetry is uplifting."
Find it at http://www.***.com/

The Genetic Gods : Evolution and Belief in Human Affairs
- by John C. Avise, September 1998.
This book explains how the genetic gods figure in our development--not
just metabolism and physiology, but even our emotional disposition,
personality, ethical leanings, and, indeed, religiosity--and challenges us
to make the necessary connection between what we know, what we believe,
and what we embody.
Find it at http://www.***.com/

Cognitive Ecology : The Evolutionary Ecology of Information Processing and
Decision Making
- by Reuven Dukas (Editor), July 1998
Find it at http://www.***.com/

The Spice Islands Voyage : The Quest for Alfred Wallace, the Man Who
Shared Darwin's Discovery of Evolution
- by Timothy Severin, May 1998
No mere travelogue of palm-fringed beaches and photogenic natives, Tim
Severin's The Spice Islands Voyage is a rewarding mix of historical
biography, contemporary adventure travel, and firm (but not shrill)
warnings for the future of this {*filter*} East Indonesian island group. As he
relates his experiences sailing the archipelago in an indigenous prahu,
Severin brings to life both the lush, volcano-spawned isles and Alfred
Wallace, the 19th-century British naturalist whose myriad travels here
provide the blueprint for Severin's own journey. A shy, self-taught
naturalist with a gift for intuitive leaps of genius, Wallace authored a
groundbreaking essay (conceived and written in the Spice Islands) on
natural selection--an essay his idol, Charles Darwin, may have "mined" for
his own theory of evolution.
Find it at http://www.***.com/

Darwin's Dreampond : Drama in Lake Victoria
- by Tijs Goldschmidt, April 1998
Lake Victoria in East Africa, succinctly described by the author as a
"shallow saucer filled with water, about the size of Switzerland, " is a
Darwinian "dreampond" b{*filter*} with tropical life. In the 1980s,
Goldschmidt, a young Dutch zoologist, was dispatched there to study its
fish, specifically the amazingly diverse species of small, perchlike
fishes called cichlids. The early years of the project were marked by a
series of dizzying discoveries of previously unknown species of cichlid;
by the mid-1980s, however, Goldschmidt and his colleagues found the
species nearing mass extinction. The introduction of the voraciously
predatory Nile perch eliminated 70 percent of the cichlid species by 1990.
Originally published in Holland, Goldschmidt's account is vividly colored
by the allure of his Tanzanian experience.
Find it at http://www.***.com/

At the Water's Edge : Macroevolution and the Transformation of Life
- by Carl Zimmer, Carl Buell, April 1998.
Macroevolution is the interesting part of evolution: the rise and fall of
major groups like dinosaurs or horses, the development of whole new organs
(like eyes) and ways of life (like pollination). Such changes are
difficult to study, and harder still to prove. Carl Zimmer looks at
metamorphoses across the boundary between land and sea: how fish learned
to walk on land, and how whales went back to the ocean. "The story of each
of these transformations hides its own unexpected details, as startling as
the skyward eyes that sat on top of our ancestors' heads or the delicate
toes that turned up in the equation of a whale." Zimmer's account is
accurate yet lively, covering recent discoveries in taxonomy and dolphin
intelligence, embryology and eight-toed fossil fish.
Find it at http://www.***.com/

Taking Wing : Archaeopteryx and the Evolution of Bird Flight
- by Pat Shipman, January 1998.
John Noble Wilford Shipman brings to her excellent book the authority of a
paleontologist and the talent of an accomplished writer on science for
popular audiences. Her narrative is alive with the stories of the many
people, historical and living, who have puzzled and argued over the
meaning of the fossil bird.... Her reporting takes us into the minds of
these scientists.... She seems to be on a journey of discovery herself,
generously bringing us along.
Find it at http://www.***.com/

Darwinian Myths : The Legends and Misuses of a Theory
-by Edward Caudill, January 1998.
In Darwinian Myths, Edward Caudill examines the ability of Darwin's theory
to inspire legends, focusing particularly on the impact of social
Darwinism on popular culture. This compelling testimony to the power of
myth shows the ways in which, over the years, Darwin's ideas - twisted,
truncated, and misapplied - have been appropriated by individuals,
governments, and cultural elites to lend credibility to xenophobic,
racist, and imperialist political movements and policies. Caudill uses
newspaper and magazine accounts and correspondence to trace the
myth-making and promotional efforts of Darwin himself, as well as the
transformation of his empirically based theory into the philosophy of
social Darwinism.
Find it at http://www.***.com/

Explaining Culture : A Naturalistic Approach
- by Daniel Sperber
Find it at http://www.***.com/

Race and Human Evolution : A Fatal Attraction
- by Rachel Caspari (Contributor), Milford H. Wolpoff, January 1997.
Anthropological researchers (and husband and wife) Milford Wolpoff and
Rachel Caspari have written Race and Human Evolution as an accessible
introduction to the debates over the origins of the human species that
makes a careful and detailed case for multiregionalism. Much of the
authors' effort is directed at separating their scientifically sound
position from the racist legacy of earlier theories of polygenism, which
argued that races were genetically isolated. They also mount compelling
arguments that the "single source of humanity" camp has succeeded thanks
to good marketing rather than hard or conclusive data. Their book proves
not only an interesting introduction to anthropological debates, it also
reflects the way a scientific thesis is formulated, developed, and
defended in the media-savvy late 20th century.
Find it at http://www.***.com/

Eco Homo : How the Human Being Emerged from the Cataclysmic History of the
Earth - by Noel Thomas Boaz, June 1997.
Anthropologist Noel Boaz links the evolution of man to rapid changes in
the environment and warns us that as the planet goes, so goes our species.
Based on extensive research Boaz suggests that evolutionary leaps may have
been caused by climactic changes. A fascinating and highly accessible book
that sheds new light on humankind's irrevocable ties to its environment.
Find it at http://www.***.com/

Biological Anthropology : A Synthetic Approach to Human Evolution
- by Noel T. Boaz, Alan J. Almquist (Contributor), July 1996
This innovative new text narrates the history of the evolutionary
progression of the human lineage through time. Evolution by natural
selection provides the conceptual framework as students learn the
essentials of molecular anthropology and genetics, then are led through
geological time to the origins of vertebrates, mammals, primates,
hominoids, and finally hominids. In each section, behavior, morphology,
adaptation, and ecology are discussed to provide the comparative basis for
human origins.
Find it at http://www.***.com/

After Man : A Zoology of the Future
- by Douglas Dixon
Find it at http://www.***.com/

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