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Psychiatry: A fraudulent and dangerous practice.
Monday, August 11, 2008

Psychiatrists, other M.D.s, {*filter*} and "drain bamage"

It is important to understand that the purpose for all modern
psychiatric treatments is to cause brain damage. Whether electric
shock treatments, Ritalin for children or Zyprexa for the rest of us,
all the manufacturers and prescribers are trying to accomplish is
brain damage. It is through brain damage that they accomplish what
they call a therapeutic affect. Sometimes, that therapeutic affect
is the patients commission of {*filter*}

We must hold the person who prescribes responsible for the outcome.

When we talk about the side effects of mind altering {*filter*}, we are
talking about the net result of permanently altering brain chemistry,
function and structure. In other words, the treatments change the
way the body works--forever.

The average child, negligently or deliberately prescribed the
inherently dangerous product, Ritalin, will lose ten percent of his or
her total brain mass in eigh{*filter*} to thirty-six months. What this means
it that parts of the brain will have been killed off by the chemicals
and reabsorbed by the body, leaving a void which is then filled with
brain fluid. This is easily verified with various brain imaging
devices like MRIs and pet scanners.

The same is true of people who have had electric shock and lobotomies.
The same is true of many non psychiatric {*filter*} as well. Such non
psychiatric {*filter*} that produce brain damage include such seemingly
therapeutic {*filter*} as acid blockers and {*filter*} pressure medications
and dozens of other classes of {*filter*}, all of which alter brain
chemistry, function and structure. This is never a mistake or error.
Most modern {*filter*} are as deliberately drain bamaging as the day is

One such brain damaging drug is Zyprexa from Ely Lilly. Zyprexa, like
so may {*filter*} from Eli Lilly is intended to produce side effects
through brain damage. Lilly has since the 1920s been the worlds
number one seller of treatments for diabetes. Is it any wonder that
they are also the experts on how to make one diabetic. They have lead
the suppression of nutritional understandings of how to prevent
diabetes and have opened the way for the current world-wide epidemic
of new cases of diabetes, among other things that just happen to be
going wrong around us. http://www.***.com/

From funding and managing the Bushes for over three generations, to
the development of various deadly {*filter*}, including there drug Prozac,
they opened a whole new era of mass {*filter*} in the schools and
neighborhoods around us.

You may know that Lilly has just lost a law suit involving Zyprexa
causing diabetes in Alaska, Thats just the tip of the ice burg, so to
speak. The rest of the States and consumers are lineing up on them:
http://www.***.com/ ://

Now, why not hold the Doctors who prescribe such deadly {*filter*}
responsible for what they do with their own hands? Neither the doctors
nor Lilly can say they didnt know. They are supposed to know and do.
Remember, you cant get this stuff from a bubblegum machine.

What follows is only part of what the doctors are supposed to know
before they prescribe such an inherently dangerous product to every
voter in the country:

Dennis H. Clarke

Ulupalakua Hawaii, USA


Thu, 03 Feb 2011 03:23:46 GMT
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