opiates for depression 
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 opiates for depression

after 30 years of severe atypical depression, including 20 years of every
antidepressant regime, with limited sucess, I have often fantasized about
living at the turm of the century, when opiates were cheap and legal.  (of
course there were many horror stories of severe {*filter*}ion, but also many other
users whose lives were enhanced by use of the sacred poppy-  also my current
life is also a horror story).  due to fear of jail, i have never even once
tried an illegal opiate, but the few times i was given codeine or percodan for
pain, i  also felt "normal" for the first time-  functional, optimistic,
confident, &social.  the ? now is where do we go from here?  How do i find the
few researchers & doctors who are willing to prescribe?
i have heard that tylenol # 3 &#4 (with small amounts of codeine) are legal
over the counter in canada- does anyone know if this is still true? (in today's
anti-certain-types of {*filter*} climate, probably not)  i feel paranoid even typing
anonymously- suppose someone seized my hard drive!
    also, {*filter*} is the the poppy as {*filter*} is to the coca leaf-  the furthur
removed from the actual plant, the more problematic and powerful the drug.
Intoxication by Ronald K Siegel  & {*filter*} for the masses,from loopanics press
are good books about this issue.

Tue, 10 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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