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 Psychopharmacologist and Discussion


   As well as I can recall, the most commmon (but not necessarily the
right) theory involves 2 neurotarnsmittor systems:

1) monoaminergic: {*filter*} acting on this system with emphasis on 3
monoamines: 5HT(serotonin), NE (Norepinephrine), D (Dopamine).
Regulation of those is BELIEVED to be responsible for most pharmacologic
properties of psychotropic {*filter*}. According to that theory, low level of
the 3 monoamines in their brain receptors is responsible for depression.
Thus, SSRIs (Prozac, etc) increase 5HT, Tricyclics increase 5HT and NE,
MAOIs increase all of them (and thus are the most 'broad spectrum'),
Wellbutrin increases D selectively, and so on...

High concentrations of 5HT and D in specific sited is though to be
responsible to psychoses. Older antipsychotics such as haloperidol reduces
dopamine levels, newer ones decrease both serotonin and dopamine.

The theory is in fact far more complicated, and it's about as accurate as
bible reasearch, since all those {*filter*} affect people differently and the
explanation of those differences makes this theory somewhat questionable.

2) Benzodiazepines bind to GABA receptors and thus depress the CNS to
various degrees and sites. This theory is much easier to prove, since those
drug are has been used for mony years.

3) Anything else: Ah, I get too sleepy... many many hundrends of
psychothropics. Worth mentioning are analeptics (amphetamines and the
like) that are Dopamine/NE agonists or works by feedback inhibition of NE.

Some rules:
1) use only what you need
2) have a good psychopharmacologist
3) take all the nice theories not too heavily (since you might be the loser
who ritalin makes him depressed... - like me (-: )
4) not everything considered {*filter*}ive is neccesarily more dangerous than
ones which don't, since some 'safe' {*filter*} have irreversible side effects
(consider that heavily !)
5) psychotherapy sounds good, life is short, get the most out of it...
6) hope not to get too preoccupied with psychotropics like me... that
wastes too much time, and gets you nowhere (B.T.W. anyone with good
treatment for obssessive compulsive personality disorder ? (-; )
7) Good luck !


Sat, 11 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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