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Want more online promotion..? You can now sign agreement to a yearly
based marketing service. We will place your company logo on our
Official Trading Website; http://www.***.com/ for a large number daily
target audiences and a most substantial customer segment.

Advanced Marketing Services Online Adverti{*filter*}t: Marketing space
for long-term trademark integration and corporate international sales


* One year adverti{*filter*}t service on the Official Website.

* One year sponsorship agreement with company logo placed on the
Official Website.

Adverti{*filter*}t Subscription; For one year, prized in:
(With reservation to daily currency rate differences.)

Europ € 636
United Kingdom 590
Japan 130
USA $ 843
Switzerland Francs 966
France Francs 4172
AED 3090
HKD 6526
Sweden SEK 6935
India Rupees 42569
Norway Kroner 5609

Official Address:

Mr Roger K. Olsson
CO/ Olsson
PL 2540 Kuttainen
SE: 980 16 Karesuando
Phone: +46 (0) 705474830
Official Website: (Under Construction)
Business Website: http://www.***.com/

Thu, 12 Apr 2012 04:24:20 GMT
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