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 Ibogaine web page and list

The use of Ibogaine, an alkaloid found in the rain forests of West Africa
appears to be gaining increasing use in treating {*filter*} {*filter*}ion in a
number of countries and has been generally administered within {*filter*}
self-help groups though some doctors may be involved.

Females may be more sensitive to Ibogaine than males. Medical screening
that determine heart conditions or severe gastrointestinal disease should
be considered as a cause not to treat such patients with Ibogaine.

The principal source of Ibogaine information on the web is The Ibogaine
Dossier ( http://www.***.com/ ( and its U.S. mirror
( http://www.***.com/ )

Suggested readings include

 "Ibogaine in the Treatment of Chemical Dependence Disorders:  Clinical
Perspectives".  The review of Ibogaine's use in the treatment of
{*filter*}ion. (science section)

"Ibogaine:  Anti-{*filter*}ive Alkaloid (monograph).  A thorough review of the
scientific research concerning Ibogaine's anti-{*filter*}ive effects.  (What's
New section)

"Pharmacodynamics and Therapeutic Applications of Iboga and Ibogaine .  A
historical and scientific review of Ibogaine and its use among the Mitsogo
people of Gabon. (science section)

"Bwiti: An Ethnography of the Religious Imagination in Africa" .  One of
the best selections of writing on the use of Iboga among the Fang people
of Gabon. Vivid descriptions of dream-like visualization and initiation
rites of the Bwiti religion.   Must reading. (What's New section)

"Sacred African Plant Found Effective in Treating {*filter*}ion" , A history
of Ibogaine and the inventor of its use in {*filter*}ion medicine.  The
African-American perspective. Discusses political implications of NIDA's
refusal to fund FDA approved study. (opinion section).

"Ibogaine in the Treatment of Narcotic Withdrawal"  Ibogaine has shown
itself to be useful in treating either {*filter*} or methadone dependence in a
2 to 4 day procedure preferred by {*filter*}s over other procedures. (science

The page also contains three dimensional rotating molecules  and a
scientific bibliography with over 170 peer reviewed

( http://www.***.com/ ) U.S. mirror
http://www.***.com/ ) European mirror

Subject:  Ibogaine list

An Ibogaine list has been established.  The list
will involve itself in the discussion of all aspects of this experimental
anti-{*filter*}ive and psychotherapeutic medication,  including the that of
persons treated,
pharmacology, the African experience in religion and medicine,
clinical reports, behavi{*filter*}pharmacology, psychiatry, Ibogaine self-help
groups and

To join the list see instructions below:


> >containing nothing but the following four words:

> >subscribe ibogaine <firstname> <lastname>

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