Doing Business with Bankrupt Gamma Scientific DigiWx? 
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 Doing Business with Bankrupt Gamma Scientific DigiWx?

And now Belfort Instrument Company (dba DigiWx AWOS, Gamma

Scientific, UDT Instruments, Advanced Retro, RoadVista, KR

Acquisition Corporation) finds itself in United States Bankruptcy

Court as evidenced by:


Belfort Instrument Company is selling to a known terrorist country as

evidenced by mention of the DigiWx AWOS on their corporate homepage

sold to:


?Lahore International Airport (LHE/OPLA) RVR System, Lahore Pakistan

Why would an American company be "aiding and abetting" known

terrorists organizations around the world while doing business in

pursuit of the almighty American dollar? Maybe you would want to

contact them and find out why:

Belfort Instrument Company

727 South Wolfe Street

Baltimore, MD 21231


410-342-7028 (fax)


sales (at)

service (at)

Or contact Belfort Owner:

Bruce R. Robinson

Ellen H. Robinson

60 Paako Drive

Sandia Park, NM 87047


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