Scientology suffers stunning legal defeat in key Internet copyright case, FACTNet Alert November 6, 1998 (fwd) 
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 Scientology suffers stunning legal defeat in key Internet copyright case, FACTNet Alert November 6, 1998 (fwd)

and they are getting soo desperate they are trolling the net for recruits.
not every cigar is a cigar on the net!

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Subject: Scientology suffers stunning legal defeat in key Internet  copyright case, FACTNet Alert November 6, 1998

Scientology suffers stunning legal defeat in key Internet copyright case

FACTNet Alert
November 6, 1998

Known for its crack-of-dawn copyright raids and vindictive lawsuits on
Internet users and Internet service providers, the cult that that has
made itself the Internets censorship pariah has suffered a major legal
defeat. Scientology has been claiming loudly to be the victim of the
largest copyright infringement case in US history. According to
Scientology, this huge infringement case was perpetrated by FACTNet, a
tiny, non-profit library and historic preservational archive. However,
according to a November 5, 1998 court ruling, the real perpetrator may
be Scientology itself, and the lawsuit could turn out to be the largest
case of copyright registration fraud in US history.

For the complete new court ruling against Scientology, see
< http://www.***.com/ ;

Scientologys twisted censorship efforts to crush free speech and
religious freedom both on and off the Internet have turned the newsgroup
alt.religion.scientology into one of the Internets ten most active
newsgroups. For the bizarre and amazing story of Scientologys
censorship war on the Internet, see
< http://www.***.com/ ;

For more information on Scientologys latest Internet techno-censorship
efforts, see < http://www.***.com/ ;

The following are the law firms representing and enabling Scientologys
activities. You might want to write them with your opinion regarding
Scientologys unethical Internet censorship and its outrageous
intellectual property activities.

Samuel D. Rosen, Esq., Paul Hastings
Janofsky & Walker
399 Park Ave., 31st Floor
New York, NY 10022-6000

Jeffrey A. Chase, Esq., Lia Woodall, Esq.
Jacobs Chase Frick Kleinkopf & Kelley, LLC
1050 - 17th St., #1500
Denver, CO 80265

Todd P. Blakely, Esq., John R. Posthumus, Esq., Robert A. Brunelli, Esq.

Sheridan Ross & Mcintosh, P.C.
1700 Lincoln St.,#3500
Denver, CO 80203


This editorial opinion provided by FACTNet, Inc.  FACTNet is a nonprofit
Internet archive dedicated to protecting freedom of mind from harms
caused by destructive cults and mind control. FACTNet's web page, which
is located at and has received over 2.5 million hits
since January 1997, is now equipped with a unique web crawler-based
search engine capable of simultaneously searching every word on 273
Internet sites on cults and mind control with the click of the search
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