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 Brain, Brain, Brain

The Brain has been mapped by the priesthood and this knowlege goes back to
before recorded history.

They know how damage to every little section of the brain affects the
person's mind and behaviour.

For example if a knife is passed up through the top of the eye sockets in
what is known as a sub-orbital lobotomy the person will not recall what he
was thinking before an interuption. Consequently abstract things like
computer programming is interfered with. This also prevents the victim
carrying out a military campaign.  (the first cut of galen)

In other areas things like the position of things is lost so a person cannot
find things they have put down. (the second cut of galen)

The next segmental damage causes the person to get lost and cannot find
their way home or plan a route. (Third cut of Galen)

There is much more too it than that and although I have had a sight of this
map I have had no more.

It is part of the priestly secret knowlege and also members of the secret
cult of freemasons. In order to achieve various ranks in their order they
have to find a subject to practise on.

So the victim is subjected to various kinds of mental torture then they try
each cut in turn until the victim dies at the 7th cut.

These techniques the freemasons use to take other people money and property
and their wives. They also turn people into slaves.

I suppose this ancient knowlege is linked to Judaism and other secret texts.

This knowlege has passed into medicine as psychiatry. Its use is to get rid
of people.

I do not know what the rest of their knowlege is but they do not like the
concept of life on Mars and are so fearful of its discovery that it looks
like they are controlled by animals that live on Mars who fear their
discovery by human beings.

Another thing these preists want is a nation of obedient slaves.

They are totally evil. And their knowlege is also used by christians to get
rid of people and also by politicians to remove opponents.

Such people are totally evil. That is what the west is really about. I get
the impression that americans are free at present but things could change.

Their philosopy is "you believe what I say or I will kill you". A society
that is free is more productive and wealthier than others and everyone can
take part.

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