Is Mental Health Treatment A Fraud? 
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 Is Mental Health Treatment A Fraud?

Opinion Editorial

By Linda Gorman

According to Robyn Dawes, a professor at Carnegie-Mellon University
and a distinguished researcher on psychological evaluation and
decision-making, the evidence is quite clear.? Mental health
practitioners possess no special insights into the individual human

Dawes agrees that psychology has "developed a number of effective
measurement devices and ways to predict future behavior."? But those
devices, he says, are statistical in nature, model aggregate behavior,
and can be administered and interpreted by people with minimal
training.? The best known predictor of future behavior is past overt
behavior.? The data offer no support for the claim that an "expert"
can analyze an individual's life in great detail and determine what
caused what.? "No personal skill has yet been developed--or assessment
instrument devised--that allows us to predict who will change, when,
and how," he writes.[1]?

If true, Professor Dawes' arguments, which are painstakingly laid out
in his book, House of Cards: Psychology and Psychotherapy Built on
Myth, have enormous implications for public policy.? We live in a time
when mental health "experts" are treated with a level of respect
bordering on reverence.? Like the clergy in times past, the profession
as a whole is in danger of becoming arrogant, paternalistic, and
increasingly contemptuous of individual rights.

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Is Mental Health Treatment A Fraud?

Mon, 25 Nov 2013 03:02:30 GMT
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