physical dependence vs. emotional dependence 
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 physical dependence vs. emotional dependence

Well, it's lost in the floodwaters far behind us, but a week or two ago
I posted a more specific response, citing 3 articles on some details of
brain changes underlying drug dependency.  I guess you can find it in
newsgroup archives if interested.

F. LeFever


>    For those of us who are neuroscientists, there is no difference
>the two!!  Emotional dependence would be expressed as changes in
>due to changes in underlying neurobiology--the same as physical
>    I applaud this observation.....all thoughts, feelings, desires,
>perceptions, etc. are ultimately derivative of the extraordinary
complex of
>electroneurochemical reactions in the brain and central nervous
>system....these neurobiological reactions ultimately produce all our
>states from birth to the grave.....and these brain states, which
>comprise "the mind," cannot be modified by any force of "free
>    droracle

Fri, 03 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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