New scientific device cures hyperactivity in dogs 
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 New scientific device cures hyperactivity in dogs

There is a new scientific device that cures hyperactivity in dogs.  It
stops barking dogs in minutes.  Doggy  Do Righttm  gently and pleasantly
overcomes any obsessive or compulsive behaviors such as {*filter*}
urination, digging, chewing, territorial marking, barrier frustration,
over aggression, car sickness... even fear of thunder, to just name a

Doggy Do Right is an ultrasonic, psycho acoustic behavior  modification
device that entrains the dog's brain to alter its perception of
stimulus, through state conditioned learning, among other scientific
psychological principles.  Dogs love listening to Doggy Do Right, and
within days, behavior problems are extinguished.

The copyright program plays like a small radio, silent to humans, and
controls any dogs within 500 feet.  There are no manuals to study,
nothing to learn, and no techniques or expertise required to operate
it.  You don't even need to own the dogs.  Life just got easier for you
and those dogs in your life.

BIOSOUND Scientific knows Doggy Do Right makes dogs do right.  But we
also recognize the need for dog owners to do right by their dogs.
Therefore, BIOSOUND Scientific is making available to every dog lover, a
comprehensive psychology based behavior  modification manual, the Wits'
End Dog Training Method (a not for profit educational organization).  We
hope to enhance the lives of dogs and dog lovers, and want everyone to
take advantage of, enjoy, and benefit from it.

Please take a moment to review our site.  Doggy Do Right has much offer
canine and human society. http://www.***.com/

Thank you for your consideration,

Jerry Howe,
Director of Research,
BIOSOUND Scientific

Thu, 07 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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