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 PROSTATITIS Digest - 11 Jan 1998 to 12 Jan 1998 - Special i


>> 1.  I am suffering a lot of muscle and joint pain.  Is this normal
>>after the run of cipro?  I am presently not on anything.  I've almost
>>given up hope.
>>(snip).  A fellow by the name James Rogers having the exact same
>>symptoms as I have- right down to the popping sensation.  Is this also
>>caused by chronic prostatitis?
>> 4.  I read that some people were getting some form of arthritis.
>> because of cipro treatment.  What is that all about?

This is the article that I posted about, a few weeks ago.
It tells of the side effects of some antibiotics, including CIPRO.
I have been waiting for permission from the author to post this and just
received it, so here it is verbatim as it appeared in my local newspaper.

Tendon damage is linked to antibiotic group.
By: Richard Harkness (Knight Ridder Newspapers)

In early 1995, the FDA began getting reports of inflamed and ruptured
tendons in people using fluoroquinolone-type antibiotics.  Most of the
problems have occurred with the Achilles tendon in the heel or tendons in
the shoulder or hand.

Tendon damage may occur after only a few days of taking the drug.

Now the consumer interest group Public Citizen has petitioned the FDA to
warn the public "to immediately discontinue use of fluoroquinolone
antibiotics at the onset of tendon pain."

Fluoroquinolone antibiotics include Cipro (ciprofloxacin), Floxin
(ofloxacin), Maxaquin (lomefloxacin), Noroxin (norfloxacin), and Penetrex
(enoxacin).  These {*filter*} are prescribed for various bacterial infections.

It's suspected that this tendon damage might be related to the cartilage
and joint damage that showed up duing animal testing of these {*filter*}.

In France, 100 patients have had tendon disorders or ruptures.  In
Britain, 21 cases have been reported.  In the U.S., 38 cases of tendon
rupture have been reported, according to Public Citizen.

Many cases may have gone unreported because no connection was made
between tendon problems and the antibiotics.

When reports of tendon problems first indicated a possible trend in early
1995, FDA said that it would "update the labeling for all marketed
fluoroquinolones to include a warning about the possibility of tendon
But that hasn't been done.  FDA said that updated labeling will begin as
soon as printing and product turnover allow.

The Public Citizen petition asks FDA to take four steps to provide
1) Require that a warning in bold type be placed in the official product
labeling of all fluoroquinolones.
2) Require that a patient package insert be distributed with all new and
refill prescriptions, warning of possible tendon damage and telling
patients to stop the drug and contact the doctor if tendon pain develops.
3) Inform all U.S. physicians through a "Dear Doctor Letter" about the
risk of tendon rupture.
4) Inform all other U.S. Health care professionals about the new warning
through the FDA Medical Bulletin.

(Richard Harkness is a consultant pharmacist who writes on health care
topics.  You can write him at 1224 King Henry Dr., Ocean Springs,
Mississippi, 39564;  please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

later, ed

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