my experience going of flomax thus far 
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 my experience going of flomax thus far

Well, I was off flomax for 1 week.  Last night I suddenly had a slight urge
to urinate. I stood over the bathroom for 15 minutes before the stream
started.  I went back to bed and immediately felt the urge to go again.  I
stood over the bathroom ANOTHER 15 minutes and some more urine came out.

Then the shit hit the fan, so to speak.  I felt a STRONG urge to{*filter*}- but
there was nothing in my bladder.  The urge was so strong I would consider it

I quickly gobbled down a flomax and a pyridium plus (given to me by doctor
pontari).  After about 2 hours the urge to urinate slowly went away.

This is the FIRST time in two years this particular symptom reared it's ugly
head.  I was late starting work today (2 hours) because I was up most of the

I have to tell you guys, this thing sucks.

I guess some of us need alpha blockers.  I don't even know if this was
related to discontinuing them - but it's strange in two years - this kind of
symptom never occurred.

It was a STRONG urge to urinate - like when you are in a car full of{*filter*}
and you can't wait to get to a bathroom.  I am certain there was no urine in
my bladder - it had all been expelled.

You guys who get 75% better, or get "flareups" - this never happened to me.
I seem to always be in some kind of "flare up".  What I'm trying to say is
that my symptoms are pretty consistent (except last night).  Rectal pain,
urine flow problems are pretty consistent.

I hope someday this lets up...

Mon, 09 Aug 2004 02:20:58 GMT
 my experience going of flomax thus far
Thanks for the information.  I took myself off of Flomax 3 days ago because I
got tired of the "retrograde" ejaculation that it caused.  I can report already
my urine flow has been reduced somewhat, although fortunately, I haven't had
the awful symptoms you describe.  Perhaps I'll be forced to resume the Flomax
and live with the problem it creates.  The "retrograde" ejaculation thing is
annoying, and I can't help but fear that it could contribute to Prostate
infections.  On the other hand, since I'm 65 the "retrograde" problem is not as
large a concern to me as it is for younger guys.
Good health to you.


Mon, 09 Aug 2004 12:22:39 GMT
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