PROSTATITIS Digest - 23 Nov 1997 to 24 Nov 1997 - Special issue 
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 PROSTATITIS Digest - 23 Nov 1997 to 24 Nov 1997 - Special issue

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        Date:    Sat, 22 Nov 1997 09:46:18 -0800

        Subject: The Shoskes Study Gives the lie to ANF claims

I believe your conclusions are incorrect because the populations are not the
I think you would be hard pressed to find any American who has not had many
of antibiotics.  I suspect that  of Dr. ANF's patients are much less exposed to
antibiotics. Do you think that the differences in cure rate could (at least
partially) be due to the antibiotic resistance gained by the American pathogens.
The better cure rate for older men could be explained by  less exposure to
antibiotics (as I recall the penicillin age began in earnest about 40 years
In any event I believe there are other variables, not accounted for, that could
explain the differences in the results of these two.  For example, {*filter*}
in terms of multiple partners.  Have you tried to correlate number of {*filter*}
partners with prostatitis?  I suspect American men have been more active
than  Dr. ANF patients and even if they were not then surely we can find
that is different.  Perhaps its early {*filter*} activity or perhaps lack of it.
Perhaps it is diet or physical activity.  Surely in two nations separated by
distances and customs and composed of largely different races we could find
and maybe hundreds of differences that could explain the disparity in the
Consider that Dr. ANF's results with Americans may be no different than Dr.
and if Dr. Shoskes had the opportunity to treat patients from the population
supplying the patients treated by Dr. ANF then his results would be just as
I know Dr. Shoskes and I have a great deal of respect for him and for the store
knowledge that he has.
I don't know Dr. ANF except through his posts here (and I have not followed that
for several months) which I find to be very logical.  I believe that different
results are not a basis for allegations of falsification but rather a call for
additional investigation.


Sat, 13 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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