Getting Dr. F's message out 
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 Getting Dr. F's message out

I know this is not supposed to be coming from someone who
has declared himself a Dr. F skeptic until such time as his
procedures can be duplicated by others.  However it occured
to me that a good way to get the word out would be to get a
list (I assume the foundation already has it actually) of
all those doctors that attended the workshop in Bethesda.
These are people with more than a passing interest in
curing prostatitis.  I would mail each of them a copy of Dr
F's procedures, as well as Brad's comments and ask for
feedback.  If you get a good response, you might take it a
step further and send out a second mailing of all
responses.  Sort of a listserve by snailmail.
Best regards  Elliott

Tue, 10 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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