Doing Better!! 
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 Doing Better!!

I posted here a few months ago about having new onset of prostatitis.  Just
thought I'd pass along the fact that I'm doing quite a bit better.  

When I originally started reading what people had to say here I got pretty
discouraged at learning about the lack of research on the subject and the
fact that some people have had so many different forms of treatment and
still suffer.  Eventually it dawned on me that the impression is bound to
be negatively skewed because those who get better and no longer suffer
don't have much reason to hang out here, so we don't get their input.
Anyway, here are the things that I have found most helpful in order of
their importance:

1.      Drinking a ton of water.  At least 2 liters every day. (WAY most
important of all)

2.      When I have to sit a lot, making damn sure I have a chair in which I can
adjust the tilt of the seat and just the right amount of padding.

3.      Avoiding coffee (other caffiene sources in moderation have not been a

4.      Taking Saw Palmetto

5.      Getting adequate rest and eating decently.

6.      Exercising.

7.   Not stressing about every little sensation or minor discomfort.

8.   Not stressing, period.

When this hasn't been enough, I've found it necessary to increase frequency
of ejaculations, but I haven't found the massage thing necessary at all.

Just thought I'd let others know what's working for me for the time being.


Wed, 11 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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