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 My post was rejected - ha ha LISTSERV@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU

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Subject: Re: I can provide cure prostatitis without money

Aside from the money issue -- how will you cure us? What is it that you do?
What is your cure? I looked at your page and it simply does not say what you

I heard you stick secret chinese herbs and spices up people's rectums -- you
need to tell us what it is you are sticking up there?

Be as specific or as general as you like? But explain what it is that you do?

>Subject: I can cure your prostatitis  without money ,.   china

>Date: 5/27/02 1:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time

>Who will come to china to teach English , I can cure your prostatitis
>without money.
>I will hold an {*filter*}English training class in summer holiday in July,
>2002. If you can come to china as an English teacher for one month or
>longer, I can cure your prostatitis without money.
>Gaozhou city is a beautiful city . It locate in south of china, it is
>No.1 fruit city in china , It distance the south sea about 60
>kilometers, it is warm. Welcome you come to china for one month or
>longer, I can cure your prostatitis without money, teach you practise
>QiGong, I am sure you can recover.provide apartment for you to live
>and dining, your work is only talk with  my English class students
>freely. If you are foreigner and can speak English is enough .
>Please brownce my webside :     http://www.***.com/

>prostatitis green therapy:       http://www.***.com/

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