13th week after having PVP done 
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 13th week after having PVP done

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Frequency last 7 days has been 8's in 24 hour time.  Eight times a day is
roughly every two waking hours.
Flow is still strong.
And if I hadn't had it done 13 weeks ago I might be going to a doctor asking
why am I going so often.

There is an urgency when waking at 6:15am if last time going was
midnight.  If I go to sleep around 10 no way I'm going to make it through
nite without going.

Retro continues.

Suggestion to those planning to have PVP done.

Call a {*filter*} bank or keep it in a freezer bag.  That last time may be last
you ever see of  it.

Your individual results might not be same as that of Patrick.  You might
have to go once on a flight from LAS to SFO!  And that's and hour.

Forget about reaching Laserscope by email and by all means
keep a record of times going per day prior to op and flow rate using a wide
mouth liter bottle and stop watch.

If you don't keep a log you won't have anything to compare it to.

My list has had no new additons since it was created 5 weeks ago or so.

One reader suggested new readers go back in time and sift through hundreds
of email posting and make their own assumption of who has been helped and
who hasn't.
Personally I'd like to see it in one place and not coming from Laserscope.

Anyone who wants to email to be on a list can do so.

With over 1000 Niagara procedures how is it possible only two people, myself
and Patrick are willing to be on a list?

You might want to ask yourself isn't it a bit odd a BHP user group and only
two people willing to volunteer their results.

Here is list so far.  Any of you TURP ot TUIP's out there feel free to say
something - or anything.

Totally happy (less than say 7 times per 24 hours and none at night between
11pm and 6:30am).  Patrick(PVP)
Mildly happy (8 or more times in  24 hours and at least once between 11pm
and 6:30am.)  haditdone(PVP)
Those with got retro.     haditdone(PVP)
Those with no comments and no computer.       1000 and counting

Mon, 02 May 2005 23:04:23 GMT
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