Urinary retention 
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 Urinary retention

     I am 58 years old and have the condition described as urinary
retention.  I can urinate normally, but only after retaining
approximately 30 ounces in my bladder.  When my urologist first
discovered this condition, I was retaining 50 ounces.  For the past 8
months, I have been catheterizing myself 4 times a day, reducing my
fluid intake and attempting to shrink my bladder.  My urologist does not
think that the odds are very good that TURP or TUNA will solve my
problem.  I am reluctant to have  any of the proceedures done because of
his assesment and potential side effects of the proceedures.  

     Question # 1:  Is there anyone out there with similar conditions? I
would really appreciate hearing about other solutions which have been

     Question# 2:  What would be wrong with catheterizing myself once a
day, at
night before going to bed and urinating normally, but with retention,
during the day?  My urologist says "No" to this suggestion, but I don't
know why.  Has anyone else tried this?


Wed, 13 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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