*New software for RPh/MD/RN students* 
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 *New software for RPh/MD/RN students*

Hello fellow pharmacy/medical/ and nursing students,

Check out this new software! It is an interactive (windows based)
learning tool and drug reference guide. This program allows us to build upon
the info. that we've learned and cumulate our experience throughout
school! (instead of letting our info collect dust in 3-ring binders!)

As healthcare students, it is what we have been waiting for!

The Student Academic Growth Enhancer

A Diverse and Interactive Learning Tool &
A Comprehensive Drug Information Source

       It Organizes, Compiles and Manages                                              
            Case studies        
            Clinical facts
            Disease states                                                              
        All your valuable data

          You Can Create Edit and Print
             Case studies                                                              
            Progress notes
            S.O.A.P. notes                                
            Drug notecards
            Disease profiles
            Study notecards                                    

            And Much More!                                                              
        A drug search engine
            Share data with other users
          Inexpensive quarterly updates
   Prescribing information on over 500 {*filter*}


The S.A.G.E. costs $124.99*, but is only $99.99* (until 12-31-95).  

Requirements:  An IBM compatible 486 DX computer or higher, windows 3.1 or higher,
8MB RAM, 10Mb hard-drive space or An Apple Macintosh computer equipped with a
DOS compatibility card                             * applicable sales tax may apply

I'm sure you will enjoy it!              

Pharm.D. Candidate (Doctor of Pharmacy)

Mon, 09 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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