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 Alt.drugs.Gamma-OH.MDMA (G.H.B,4-OHB,Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate and MDMA)

Dear All,

I would like to suggest the creation of a new newsgroup called:


As you know,Gamma-OH is the original name of G.H.B given by Dr Henri
Laborit,the father of this amazing molecule who,unfortunately,just
died recently.I remind that Dr.Laborit is the VERY PERSON who
introduced the first neuroleptic(Largactil:chlorpromazine)into
psychiatry and an Albert Lasker prize.Some consider him as the father
of psychopharmacology.At least this is what also he thought about

I would like to dedicate this newsgroup to the 2 fathers,in fact,of
Gamma-OH/ GHB:

Dr.Henri Laborit and Dr Camille Wermuth

Dr.Wermuth is still alive and working!
He was the chemist of Dr Henri Laborit and has developped the FIRST
Gamma-OH antagonist and many novel Gamma-OH derivatives,in France,the
birth country of Gamma-OH where it is still happy and well,without
Inquisition and Demonisation or Intellectual Terrorism!

If you have any serious project on Gamma-OH I can put you in contact
with Dr.Wermuth.His group has many ideas but(typical French
problem!)lacks financial support to launch important projects.

Alt.{*filter*}.Gamma-OH.MDMA would be dedicated to reports and discussion
on how Gamma-OH  influenced your life,may have cured you from
depression or anxiety,made you more sociable,etc.

Basically this group would be dedicated to research involving Gamma-OH
and reports from people using Gamma-OH,as well as MDMA.

As Gamma-OH is the first SOCIABILISER discovered and as MDMA(extasy)is
also a related Sociabiliser,this newsgroup would be dedicated to both
molecules as,I think,they have to be researched together.

Problem:I have NO IDEA how you make a newsgroup!!!
So please help!!!

Thanks for your attention


PS:I have to say that though I am unhappy about how the USA has
demonised and is still actively spreading disinformation about
Gamma-OH,I am happy that,since my first report on the
anti-depressant,anti-sucidal ideation and anti-panic attacks effects
of Gamma-OH other people have confirmed my findings!
Not only this but some people are even trying,now,to take the "cover"
for themselves!!!
Before my research nobody had any idea about the
anti-depressant,anti-suicidal ideation and anti-panic attacks effects
of Gamma-OH!!!
Once I wrote to the LANCET about its anti-panic attacks and received a
letter saying that this was highly interesting but could not be
Same thing when I wrote them about the anti-depressant effects.And so
What has been interesting in the Gamma-OH story is that,most other
scientists who asked me for informations just disappeared "in the
wild" after I gave them,freely,informations!!! Then,I started to hear
about my ideas sprouting out of nowhere,elsewhere!!!
This is a sad effect of the ridiculous competitive spirit of modern
Science.Such people are NOT scientists,they are Predators.

The F.D.A and all people involved in unscientific disinformation about
Gamma-OH should be fought and,if possible,put on trial.They are
criminals.They deserve harsh punishment for their irresponsible
My opinion is that the FDA should be dismantled and replaced by a new
organisation truely devoted to the protection of mankind and not
fighting against mankind,like modern Holy Inquisitors.Any lawyer here?

Gamma-OH promises NOVEL therapeuthics in different pathologies:

Depression,anxiety,and,maybe,for the treatment of the negative
symptoms of schizophrenia and as an anti-paranoia agent,in combination
with anti-psychotics.
Gamma-OH is also theorised to be a useful agent for the treatment of
anorexia and an interesting compound for theoretical research in
Alzheimer disease.

As you know Gamma-OH is,already,successfully used against {*filter*}
Research is in progress regarding anti-{*filter*}ion properties against
other {*filter*}ions.

Gamma-OH is also interesting in the study of ageing because it seems
to be involved in Hibernation.
So many interesting research to pursue!

Gamma-OH opens the doors of the scientify study of Sociability,an
important step towards the evolution of the human kind.
Perhaps the end of competition and predators!!!

Sun, 17 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT
 Alt.drugs.Gamma-OH.MDMA (G.H.B,4-OHB,Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate and MDMA)


 molecules as,I think,they have to be researched together.


> Problem:I have NO IDEA how you make a newsgroup!!!
> So please help!!!

If you will click on to the newsgroups which concern newsgroups (one of
them is called news.groups) some of them contain information about
starting a newsgroup.  It is a long, laborious process, and requires a
lot of time.  They advise your obtaining a mentor, and give an address
to contact one.  The mentor can then guide you through the process, step
by step.

Gene Douglas

Sun, 17 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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