Legal Defense Fund - Precedent Setting Case! 
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 Legal Defense Fund - Precedent Setting Case!

Glenn A. Warner, MD                                                                                      21 November 1995
Northwest Oncology Foundation
Legal Defense Fund
PO Box 3726
Bellevue, WA  98009
United States of America

Dear Dr. Warner,

Please accept our small check for $10 (US) to help fund your continuing legal struggle against the
entrenched medical and pharmaceutical monopolies through the Washington State Medical
Disciplinary Board.  My wife, Marilyn, saw you once in your practice and though we did not see
fit for several reasons to continue with you (part was financial and part was personal) we still do
believe in your right to practice medicine using alternative modalities.  There is a need for a state
medical review board to correct and prevent clearly dangerous and clearly worthless
medical practices. In your case they are way out of bounds and seek only to restrict freedom of
choice in medical care.

Right now Marilyn is in Mexico at Hospital Santa Monica run by Kurt Donsbach, ND and is
benefitting from their treatment.  She had been pronounced "hopeless" for a long term "cure" by
the conventional oncologists.  All they wanted to do was to further poison and burn her in an effort
to prolong her life by a few years and suck our bank accounts dry.  We feel that it is a disgrace and
black eye to our nation that she should have to go to Mexico to receive the medical care she needs.

We are very much in debt and Marilyn's continuing medical expenses may push us into bankruptcy.
We would send more money if we could.  We recognize that your pending case is one of the most
important precedent setting cases of perhaps the entire century.  If you win it will help ensure that
citizens are not denied one of the most basic rights we as human beings have - the right to seek the
medical care we feel is effective for us.  If you lose the results may be very devastating.  Though
we cannot contribute more to your effort I will through my Internet access e-mail copies of this
letter to some friends and post it for international viewing in some medical related newsgroups.  I
may get "flamed" for this but their may also be many who will pass it along and also contribute
funds to help you.  If you see fit please mail to me or phone to me more details of  your struggle
and practice and I will help you in whatever ways I can.  Thank you for continuing to fight for our
freedom of health care choices.  


Keith A. Drown

For those who wish to contribute they may send a check or use their VISA or MASTERCARD to
contribute to:

"Northwest Oncology Foundation"  (a non-profit corporation - contribution may be tax deductible)

Mark the contribution "Defense Fund"  It is their goal to raise $250,000 (US) to help ensure our right to
alternative health care.

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