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 Contact Lenses Online with Lens Now

Lens Now Contact Lenses Center is the fastest growing replacement contact lens
company in the United States.  This is because we provide our
with superior quality contact lenses at the lowest possible prices*
with impeccable service.  Call us today, at 1-888-770-5367, 9:00AM -
5:00PM, EST, and in most cases, your new lenses will be delivered to
your door by tomorrow!

                                  LOW PRICES

Even if you paid a "membership fee" or "insurance" to another company
for access to its low prices, chances are, our prices will still be
even lower.  However, we will not charge you a membership fee!  So go
ahead and give us a call.  You'll be pleasantly surprised when you
our prices.

                        ADDITIONAL REASONS TO CHOOSE US

Unlike some other companies, our lenses are dispensed by licensed
optometrists, thereby assuring that you receive exactly what your
prescription states.  Moreover, we only sell fresh, just
manufactured lenses.  Other companies stock up on manufacturers'
close-outs and sell lenses that cost them less because they are near


We are striving to be the leading provider of replacement contact
lenses.  Order Online or Call us today at 1-888-770-5367, 9:00AM -
5:00PM,EST, and give us the opportunity to become your trusted and
valued provider of
contact lenses.

Sincerely yours,

*We have in the past offered incredible deals on Acuvue lenses.
Currently though, due to a high surge in demand for Acuvue lenses, and
an unfortunate sharp increase in the wholesale cost due to price
by the manufacturer, Acuvues will now be $18.99 per box for an eight
box order.

Please also note that although you may obtain significant savings by
purchasing your replacement lenses from us rather than your
optometrist, you still should have your eyes examined periodically by

Thu, 05 Apr 2007 08:07:57 GMT
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