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 "psychiatric genetics"

The National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression (NARSAD) celebrated the
growth of "psychiatric genetics" in a 1990 newsletter, honoring psychiatrist Emst Rudin as
the founder. Emst Rudin was given a medal by Hitler in 1939 for his work in racial
hygiene. He was a the top Nazi ideologist and chief architect of the Nazi's racial hygiene
program. Thomas Szasz (in The Manufacture of Madness: A Comparative study of the
Inquisition and the Mental Health Movement) thoroughly documents the transition from a
religious/theological to a medical/psychiatric basis of social control. Just as Jews were
the primary victims of the Inquisition, they were the victims of the Holocaust; same
sociopolitical agenda, only a shift with the times from a pseudoreligious to a
pseudoscientific justification. Racism is alive and strong in our society; MHSO is a key
enforcer. The "mentally ill" defective were the first victims of large scale genocide in
Nazi Germany. The "mentally ill" continue to be victims of coerced modern mental health
"treatments." The magical enchantment of the modern mental health system and biopsychiatry
casts such a potent spell that huge numbers of our brothers and sisters operate in the
illusion that these victims are patients whose treatment is most assuredly "for their own

I'm not a humanitarian, I'm a hell-raiser."
                     -Mother Jones

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