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 Ibogaine web page revisions

Revisions of the Ibogaine web page are now ongoing.  Many new papers
and links.

Subject matter of both  scientific and lay nature on the use of
Ibogaine to treat a broad range of chemcial dependencies including
long and short acting narcotics, stimulants, {*filter*} and nicotine.
Ibogaine was originally discovered in the rain forests of what is
now the Republic of Gabon.  The substance has been used for
centuries in African medicine and religion.  Research is being
conducted in the U.S., Canada, Republic of Panama and Brazil with
clinical studies anticipated for Israel and FDA approved safety
studies authorized in the United States.

http://www.***.com/ ~ibogaine/        

principal source for Ibogaine information on the www

Thu, 07 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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