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 Unknown skin problem


I wonder if someone could shed some light on the problem experienced by our 7 y.o. son: he
has got two strangely pigmented areas, - one on each of his forearms, - which we noticed a
couple of years ago. Since that time the areas seem to have become larger. The first time I
noticed them I thought his arms were a bit dirty (which surprised me as he was just coming out
of the shower), but a closer look revealed that it was not dirt but the skin itself. It does not
bother him at all, but becoming bigger and more noticeable. One interesting symptom is that in
summer time, having spent a bit of time in the sun, his arms may get a bit of suntan and
become a bit reddish as it usually happens with everyone, but those pigmented areas look very
distinctively bright white, - very much like they looked under the Wood light which the
specialist dermatologist used to have a look at the spots.

The visit to the dermatologist today only resulted in finding out that he had never seen the
problem and did not know what it is, how significant it is, and what should be done about it.
BTW, under the Wood light it was clear that the areas are in fact somewhat bigger than it is
seen at the moment under normal day-light...

I would very much appreciate to hear from a specialist or anyone else (preferably by e-mail)
who has come across a similar case and knows something about it.

Thank you.

Oleg Sheynin.

Fri, 30 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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