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For the past several years my son has been on Ritalin for ADHD, but
recently it no longer seems to be as effective.  He is 11 years old and
nearly 150 pounds.

His doctor switched him this week to Dexedrine 10 mg t.i.d.  He had been
on Ritalin 20 mg t.i.d.  One pharmacy I went to said that Dexedrine has
been taken off the market, or actually is only available as an
investigational drug and can only be prescribed by four physicians in this
area.  I am certain this pharmacist was thinking of Adderall and not

In any case, I then went to another pharmacy who had Dexedrine but only in
the 10 mg spansules, and this pharmacist said that it does not come in 10
mg tablets.  

The prescription my son received is for 1/2 tab t.i.d. x 4 days, then 1
tablet three times a day.  The spansule, or capsule form, is not prescribed.

What I am wondering is if Dexedrine does come in a 10 mg tablet and if it
is affected in the same way as Adderall, put on investigational status,
that is?

Thanks for any information.


Thu, 16 Apr 1998 02:00:00 GMT

Fri, 19 Jun 1992 00:00:00 GMT
Re Dexedrine available only as 5mg tablet --

BTW, Dexedrine *is* available in 10 mg, not as a tablet but as a
capsule (or spansule, as I believe it's correctly called).

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Thu, 23 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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